Originating in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, 
THE Barker BROTHERS  expand the realm of their traditional roots.
All native to a region with a rich musical heritage, their fierce instrumentals will take
you to the extremes; while their pure, family harmony will enthrall you.  


 The groups' high energy live  
 performance incorporates an
 eclectic mix of hard driving
 bluegrass, Americana, and folk,
 as well as, their own innovative


With dynamic, “on-the-edge” presentation and a musical heritage that can be traced back over five generations, 
THE Barker BROTHERS are creating a new tradition in American acoustic 

Jeremy Barker, a graduate of East Tennessee State University, has gained regional recognition for his vocal prowess, and he more than delivers on the flattop guitar. 

In 2002, Jeremy had the honor of opening for opening Dr. Ralph  Stanley (and the Clinch Mountain Boys) during his

O Brother Where Art Thou Tour." 


 Jonathan Barker, a sophomore at the University of TN (Knoxville), accompanies his brother on vocals and
  occasionally highlights his accomplishment
  by taking lead. 
Vivacious on banjo, Jonathan combines melodies and
  improvisation to create his own dynamic style. 

In 2002, Jonathan also opened for Dr. Ralph Stanley during his
 "O Brother Where Art Thou Tour." 

In 2003, Jonathan  received the "Fan's Choice Award" 
at Raymond Fairchild's Maggie Valley Opry.

Westley Harris, a music major at East
  Tennessee  State University, is a classically trained violinist and a prolific fiddler who plays  with an intensity and drive all his own.

In the summer of 2011, Westley toured
 Ireland and Scotland with the ETSU Celtic band.
On and off stage,

are heartily supported by their parents. 
Angie plays
the upright bass, Scott plays mandolin, and they both contribute to the "family harmony" that resounds throughout their vocals.

Music has always played a significant role in THE Barker BROTHERS' family traditions.


 John Barker 

 Enjoyed playing
 fiddle and banjo as a
 family pasttime.

Zora Dale Jones
 and her sister Ruby, 
 visited churches and
 prayer meetings sharing
 the "good news" through
 song. Their brother,
 Selma, accompanied
 them on guitar and
 provided most of the
 lead vocals. 

 Uncle Howard Verner
(on bass)

 The Pine Ridge Boys provided music for 
 area church services and local events.

 Julius Milton Verner Sr.

 "Pa Verner" directed
 shape note singing
 schools in east 
 Tennessee, western 
 North Carolina, and
 the north Georgia


Carrie Torrence Verner

 "Ma Verner" accompanied
 her sister and brother who
 were a part of a gospel
 quartet to all the area
 Gospel Singing Conventions.
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